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WE ARE NOW CLOSED - (New Website Under Development)

New Year, New Direction

I (Natalie) would like to let all our friends and followers know that we will not be reopening East Devon Riding Academy following our relocation. The primary reason for our decision is that some of the horses have indicated they have had enough and have demonstrated they would like to quit their jobs. It is against my principles to force them to work and if they're not happy I have to respect their opinions and protect them. I will not get rid of a horse because it is no longer able to work, they all have a home for life, it is therefore not possible for me to replace any of them with others who are more willing.

It's a tough job and I am incredibly proud and grateful to all our horses and ponies for helping so many people learn, they have given enjoyment and achievement to thousands of people of all ages. Our pioneering work has led to us featuring in many publications, including the Horse and Hound and being asked to take part in on screen media too. People have travelled to us from all over the UK and indeed the world and we have a long waiting list for people wanting lessons. I therefore understand the disappointment that this will cause and it is with great sadness that we can no longer assist them with their equine journey. However, I must put the horses first and if they say no, then I'm not willing or able to ignore it. I know them well and some of them just don't want to deal with lots of different people anymore, they want a quieter life. Their communication is by no means extreme, actually it's quite subtle but that's why the time is now, horses shouldn't have to scream to be listened to.

On a personal note, the last 3 months while we have been closed have been a relief from having to work 60 to 80 hours a week in all weathers. It's the first time in my life that I haven't had to work weekends, I've been able to spend more time with my daughter and well, actually have a life away from work!

I would like to extend my sincere heartfelt thanks to all our customers for their support, I am very grateful for your loyalty and effort over the years and I'm very sorry that our chapter has come to an end.

I will continue to teach people with their own horses and with my consultancy work, also running the livery yard from our new home. Most of the horses and ponies will be retired, some will continue to be gently ridden by myself, my family and friends. Absolutely none of them will be rehomed, they will all stay together here with us for the rest of their days.

Thanks again to everyone who has believed in us and appreciated our compassionate horsemanship. Hopefully this isn't goodbye and our paths will cross again.

We begun offering the opportunity for children to join us for the morning back in 2011. Our many years of experience in the industry helped us to define our Pony Mornings so we could offer children enjoyable, active and educational activities whilst providing parents with value for money and the peace of mind that we would strive to keep their children happy, engaged and most importantly, safe. Our reputation for hosting high quality Pony Mornings rapidly grew, we started with just two for the whole summer holidays and we now run two for every week of every school holiday and half term. Each year we welcome new children but we also have many returning customers, several who are local and some who just visit us once a year when they are on holiday. Some of the children who attend our pony mornings are regular riders and some have never ridden before- all are welcome as we split the group according to experience if necessary.

Riding Lessons For Adults And Children

Natalie Bucklar, BSc (Hons), MSc offers lessons based on compassionate training to enable safe, enjoyable progression. Sessions can include riding, groundwork or horse management, for children or adults with their own horse or pony.

Natalie has over 25 years experience of teaching all levels from complete beginners to HOYS and National Championship level competitors in other disciplines.



"Unrivalled Facilities and Exceptional Care"

*All year turnout. 24/7 turnout is also possible- no mandatory stabling.
* Purpose built, clean and tidy, mud free yards with lights, ramps to muck trailers and wash down area.
* Stables have rubber mats and rear opening windows.
* All weather riding tracks around the farm with lovely views, 60ft sand groundwork/lunge pen, horse walker, large flat riding/training field and show jumps on grass when weather allows. 
* On site haylage available from next season.
* Owners live on site, excellent security.

We offer experienced, reliable and trustworthy care of your horse if assistance is needed, their welfare is a top priority. We are happy to discuss individual requirements.

£130 month for DIY, deposit required. Discount for multi horse ownership. Please contact Natalie for further information. Telephone 07771 903220 or info@ridingacademy.co.uk.

Firstly, we understand children. We teach 1000’s of them every year! Our teaching methods follow an active learning approach, which keeps children involved by learning through doing, rather than the traditional but less effective way of just telling them what to do. All of our sessions are delivered through age appropriate activities, which enable children to succeed and learn whilst they are having fun. We guide the Pony Morning where appropriate, however we also encourage the children to be part of the decision making and empower them to have the freedom to discover and explore.
Secondly, we understand horses. We spend 1000’s of hours with them every year! The welfare of our animals is a huge passion of ours and we work very hard to look after our horses to a very high standard. This ensures that their health and well being is optimised and they are happy in their jobs, as after all, a happy horse is a safer horse. Our teaching methods do not involve bullying or forceful communication, such as encouraging children to kick or whip animals to make them do what they want. Instead the children are taught humane, respectful handling and riding techniques which keeps them safer and protects the horses from physical and psychological harm. Children absolutely love our kind methods and the harmony and success that they bring.
Thirdly, we understand what parents want. As parents ourselves, we appreciate that safety is a top priority and we structure our activities to minimise the risks involved with being around animals. We offer close supervision, well planned activities and high quality instruction with well maintained, purpose built facilities. We know that you want your children to enjoy their time with us, so we try our best to make this happen and give them a positive experience with lasting, happy memories. Our high standards, ethical horsemanship, fantastic resources and excellent supervision also give superb value for money.

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